RoboGene® HCMV DNA Quantification Kit


  • Real-time PCR-based detection system for quantification of HCMV-DNA
  • Recommended for supporting diagnosis or assessing the responds to antiviral treatment following In-house validation
  • Reliable quantification due to HCMV- and IC-DNA pre-coated lyophilized standard tubes
  • Highly sensitive despite minimal sample input volume
  • Including internal extraction control
  • Full Volume Reagent Guarantee for processing of 50 or 100 clinical samples excluding positive controls

For the extraction of nucleic acids we recommend the following products.


The RoboGene® HCMV DNA Quantification Kit is an amplification test for quantification of Human Cytomegalovirus (HCMV) DNA in human plasma or serum samples. The Kit contains quantitation standard which consists of 8 tubes coated with given amounts of synthetic HCMV DNA that must be amplified in parallel. A synthetic internal control is included via Extraction tubes to monitor the whole procedure. Regarding the plastic ware the kit is available in a variety of configurations depending on the real-time PCR device. Amplification of HCMV DNA in samples and standards and of IC DNA is measured independently at different wavelengths due to probes labeled with different fluorescence reporter dyes (HCMV DNA: FAM channel, IC DNA: Yakima Yellow channel). For sample preparation the INSTANT Virus RNA Kit or INSTANT Virus RNA/DNA Kit (Analytik Jena) are recommended. For final elution of filter bound DNA the use of 60 µl of elution buffer is suggested.


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Regular profile strips
0.2 ml clear (RUO)

136 reactions
72 reactions


Regular profile tubes
0.2 ml clear (RUO)

132 reactions
66 reactions


Low profile strips
0.1 ml clear (RUO)

136 reactions
72 reactions


Low profile strips
0.1 ml white (RUO)

136 reactions
72 reactions



Human plasma and serum

Detection principle:
real-time PCR (TaqMan®)


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