Accessories for UV/Vis Photometers

Especially in UV/Vis spectroscopy, it is essential to have a wide range of accessories that make your spectrophotometer applicable to many different kinds of analytical jobs and provide further automation. Whether cell holders, cell changers, flowcell systems, reflectance accessories or fiber coupling – choose the right system for your individual analytical needs.

Cell Holders

Using most diverse cell holders, with or without temperature control, you are well prepared for all requirements. Whether working with test kits, necessity of (Peltier) temperature controlled determinations, e.g. enzyme kinetics in food industries or DNA melting curves in bio analytics, or measurements of very small sample volumes via ultra micro cells e. g. screening of blood, within the comprehensive accessory range for the SPECORD® PLUS you will find what you need.

Holder for cylindrical cells

Holder for cylindrical cells with/without thermostating

Adjustable cell holder for micro cells

Accommodates micro and ultra micro cells of small volumes

Cell holder for cells of up to 10 cm pathlength

Provides measurement of strongly diluted samples or minimum concentrations in standard cells of up to 10 cm pathlength

Holder for round cells

Accommodates round cells or ampoules with a diameter of 11 to 16 mm

Complete range of cells

Whether micro, semi-micro or macro cells, we can offer the suitable cell for all applications


Cell Changers

The cell changers enable most efficient working in routine analysis. Up to 14 cells can be measured in one analysis run. You will find all you need for your application requirements. The cell changers are available with or without temperature control and/or magnetic stirring function or with the option to attach a dissolution system.

Thermostated 6cell changer with stirrer and 6 positions

For 1 cm cells/temperature control by water bath or Peltier element. Specially designed for quantitative end-point determination and enzyme kinetics

Cell changer for cells of 1, 2 or 5 cm path length

Especially suitable for quantitative determinations (Not thermostated and thermostated for cells with a path length of 1 cm)

Cell carousel with 15 positions

For maximum sample throughput in quantitative analysis

Single or double 8cell changer

8cell changer or double 8cell changer combination (with and without stirrer), not thermostated, water thermostated or Peltier thermostat for cells with a pathlength of 1 cm


Attachments for Reflexion and Remission Measurements

Absolute reflectance attachment

V/W optical configuration for the determination of the reflectance at plane surfaces and layers

1°– 60 ° variable angle reflectance attachment

For the examination of solid surfaces, film systems and their interfaces

Reflectance attachment with spectralon integrating sphere

For transmittance and reflectance measurements of solid, powdery and liquid samples

Holder for solid samples

Holds foils, sample plates or similar solid samples for transmittance measurements

Scanning attachment for solid samples

The scanning attachment for solid samples provides locally resolved spectra for large-scale, solid, transparent samples


Optical Fibre Coupling

Optical fibre coupling enables the measurement of samples with the aid of immersion probes outside the photometer. Online measurements e.g in waste water for UV absorption, of persistent organic compounds or of hazardous solvents can be carried out without the slightest effort.

Fiber coupling with transmission immersion probes and fiber adapter

For external measurements outside the sample compartment

SMA coupling

Allows connection of optical fiber with SMA plug for analyses outside the sample compartment


Sipper System and Autosampler

The sipper system is applicable for photometric determinations of all liquid or dissolved samples. Many samples can be measured one after another via aspirating tube and flow-through cell.
Using the autosampler this process can even be optimized. This way up to 116 samples can be measured fast and comfortably with little effort.

Cassette sipper system

For the analysis of liquid samples in continuous flow without change of sample cell

xyz autosampler with sample tray for up to 116 samples

For fully automatic analysis; for SPECORD® PLUS

xyz autosampler with sample tray for 53 or 100 samples (optional)

For fully automatic analysis; for SPECORD®


Fibre Optic Microlitre Cell

Fibre optic microlitre cells are especially suited for the analysis of extremely small samples and can be applied easily with the SPECORD® cell holder


Validation Kit

Kits for validating the spectrophotometer provide problem-free manual or fully automatic validation procedures with the specified filter systems, according to Ph. Eur. specifications.


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