PlasmaQuant® MS — ICP-MS with HD Quadrupole for Superior Mass Separation

16.08.2016 | 製品情報

The ICP-MS PlasmaQuant® MS from Analytik Jena offers the ability to quickly and accurately measure more than 75 elements at concentrations ranging from ultra-trace to major levels in a single measurement. Due to its ability to detect all isotopes of each element, mass spectrometry enables applications in geology, archeometry and the provenance of food.

In ICP-MS, analyte ions are separated and detected according to their mass-to-charge ratio. Important to performance is the quadrupole mass analyzer. Precision machined from high-grade stainless-steel, the HD Quadrupole of the PlasmaQuant® MS operates at an industry-high 3 MHz frequency. This provides superior mass separation and abundance sensitivity. The result being strong analyte signals having little to no influence on neighbouring analyte masses. For example, abundance sensitivity performance of 2.7x10-8 cps on m-1 238U makes the PlasmaQuant® MS ideal for accurate and precise isotope ratio measurements.

The combination of high sensitivity and ultra-fast dwell times down to 50 µs makes the PlasmaQuant® MS the perfect instrument for laser ablation and single particle analysis.

  • True 3 MHz quadrupole provides superior mass separation
  • Exceptional abundance sensitivity performance
  • Isotope ratio precision of less than 0.07 %
  • Smaller spot sizes and improved spatial resolution in Laser Ablation, due to short dwell time of 50 µs
  • Detection of nano-particles to less than 10 nm in diameter

PlasmaQuant® MS — ICP-MS with HD Quadrupole for Superior Mass Separation



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