Analytik Jena's qTOWER3 Product Family Sets New Standards for qPCR

27.09.2017 | ニュース

Jena, Germany, September 27, 2017 — Analytik Jena's qTOWER3 product family guarantees well-founded results for all real-time PCR applications as it benefits from peerless temperature control precision in the sample block regardless of the number of samples used — ranging from 96 up to 384 samples. The patented high-performance fibre-optics guarantee the outstanding homogeneous excitation and illumination of all individual samples.

The qTOWER³ product family achieves unique flexibility with its proven filter module equipment, which can be freely configured and expanded at any time, and enables up to six-fold multiplexing. The high-quality sample block stands for optimal thermal conductivity.


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